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January 15, 2009

George Herriman and Michael Tisserand

tisserandI enjoyed meeting Michael Tisserand at the last MoCCA fest. The talented Michael told me that he’s writing a biography of George Herriman, which is contracted with HarperCollins. The New Orleans-based author is “humbly seeking advice, suggestions, counsel or conversation on this audacious project.”

Tisserand reports that “the book begins with the extended Herriman clan in New Orleans and then follows George Herriman’s immediate family to California, and continues on with George Herriman’s amazing life and career, as well as examines his great contribution to comics, art, literature and the world.”

Tisserand says he can be reached “most easily at his email — michaeltisserand [at] yahoo [dot] com.” Tisserand goes on to say, “I’ll appreciate any ideas and leads, and I’d also be very happy to answer any general questions about the direction and scope of my work.”

4 Responses to “George Herriman and Michael Tisserand”

  1. John Majeski Says:

    This is wunnerful news, I yam sure George Herriman would be incredibly humbled by a full, generous biography of his life. Krazy Kat, Ignatz and Offissa Pup have remained as ageless and indelible as the panoramic desert landscape of Coconino, and deserve to have their creator acknowledged and given his due. Herriman’s genius rivals and often surpasses most artists of the twentieth century in wit, intelligence, joie de vivre and sheer spontaneity, and his humility and decency are legend. Let him wear his hat, but show us the man, thank you!

  2. チャンルー 作り方 Says:

    誕生石 ブレスレット

  3. Rpm Says:

    what did that second commenter say?

  4. Pam Says:

    I just finished reading your book and loved it! I

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