George Herriman Bio and Water Color from 1936

Apparently a long-ago fan wrote a couple of top vintage cartoonists and asked them to type a short bio on a piece of paper illustrated by their hand.
This is Herriman's contribution to this early fan's scrapbook,
from the collection of Craig Yoe.

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Krazy Kat Pin-Back Button from the Los Angeles Evening Herald

One of a number of Krazy Kat and George Herriman pinback buttons, we'll be presenting more on the George Herriman website as time goes on.

Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse Drawing from 1922

Herriman did quite a few "specialty pieces" for friends and fans but this is supposedly the only one with Ignatz throwing a brick at Krazy Kat. From the collection of Craig Yoe thanks to Rick Marschall.

Untitled (Krazy Kat) (1939)

Water color, dedicated to Boyden Sparkes, from the collection of the International Museum of Cartoon Art, Ohio State University.

An Incredible Krazy Sunday

A beautiful surreal example of Herriman's artistry. Owner unknown.

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April 6, 1922, Krazy Kat Sunday Comic Page Original Art

From the collection of Craig Yoe

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And Much More!

We'll be presenting many more Herriman rarities here soon and especially welcome scans of wonderful things from your collection.

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