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Krazy Kat: The Comic Art of George Herriman

The seminal work on the life and art of George Herriman. This beautiful book is meticulously researched and loaded with rare art and photos. Utterly enjoyable and absolutely indespensible. Written by Patrick McDonnell, creator of Mutts, Karen O'Connell and Georgia Riley deHaven. Published by the esteemed art book publisher, Abrams.

The Kat Who Walked in Beauty: The Panoramic Dailies of 1920

Gorgeous design by Jacob Covey and beautifully published by Fantagraphics, this book/art object presents some of Herriman's most creative Krazy Kat daily strips, i.e. the best of the best.

Krazy & Ignatz 1925-1926: There is a Heppy Lend-Fur Fur Awa-a-ay

Krazy & Ignatz 1925-1926: "There is a Heppy Lend-Fur Fur Awa-a-ay" is the first of the ten-book Fantagraphics published series of Sunday Krazy Kat strips beautifully designed by Chris Ware and edited by the esteemed Kat authority Bill Blackbeard. The series starts in 1925 where the Eclipse published series left off. Each book represents two years of strips.

Krazy & Ignatz 1927-1928: Love Letters in Ancient Brick

This continuation of Fantagraphics' Krazy Kat Sunday series features Krazy Kat in love with Ignatz Mouse (his Li'l Ainjil), who continues to pelt Krazy Kat with bricks, which Krazy Kat interprets as a sign of affection. Along with Offissa Pup, who attempts to arrest Ignatz for his crimes against Krazy in hopes of impressing Krazy Kat.

Krazy & Ignatz 1929-1930: A Mice, A Brick, A Lovely Night

Along with the continuation of the Sunday Krazy Kat komics from 1929-1930. Bill Blackbeard has assembled a visual essay on Herriman's life, compleate with unseen strips and objects that span Herriman's career. Included is an essay about the humor and culture of Herriman's day by Ben Schwartz, explains the relationship between Herriman and publisher William
Randolph Hearst.

Krazy & Ignatz 1931-1932: A Kat a'Lilt with Song

In this fourth volume of the Sunday Krazy Kat strips, Herriman's brilliant graphics and imaginative designs play out in the background of the Krazy Kat, Ignatz Mouse, and Offissa Pup love triangle. This volume also includes an essay on Herriman's early work and samples of dailies from 1931 & 1932.

Krazy & Ignatz 1933-1934: Necromancy by the Blue Bean Bush

Necromancy by the Blue Bean Bush is the last of the series to be presented in the original black and white (color was added starting in 1935).

Krazy & Ignatz 1935-1936: A Wild Warmth of Chromatic Gravy

After two decades of Krazy Kat, Herriman's Sunday strips are presented in full color for the first time. Besides the strips, this book offers many watercolors Herriman drew for friends and vintage photographs of the artist along with other rarely seen pieces of Herriman's life.

Krazy & Ignatz 1937-1938: Shifting Sands Dusts Its Cheeks in
Powdered Beauty

The seventh volume presents more of the Krazy Kat, Ignatz Mouse, Offissa Pup love triangle set against the ever-changing back drop of Coconino County. This volume also contains several new pieces which Herriman drew for friends, including an oversized Coconino County landscape. As in the previous volumes this one was designed by Chris Ware and edited by Bill Blackbeard.

Krazy & Ignatz 1939-1940: A Brick Stuffed with Moom-bins

This eighth volume in the Fantagraphics published series of Sunday Krazy Kat strips highlights the years of 1939 and 1940. Aside from the full page, full color comics, the book also features more George Herriman rarities.

Krazy & Ignatz, 1941-1942: A Ragout of Raspberries

Krazy Kat continues to focus on the relationships between Krazy Kat, Ignatz Mouse and Offissa Pup. In Jeet Heer's introduction "Kat Got Your Tounge'" he explores George Herriman's use of language and its origins in the Krazy

Krazy and Ignatz, 1943-1944: He Nods in Quiescent Siesta

George Herriman was a cartoonist to the end—he continued cartooning until his death in 1944.The tenth volume covers the final year and a half of Herriman's Krazy Kat comics. It also serves as a retrospective of Herriman's life with rare and never before seen art samples that Herriman drew for friends.

Herriman's Hoomins: The Complete Stumble Inn and Us Husbands

Herriman's Hoomins collects two of Gerorge Herriman's comics from the 1920's, Us Husbands (a Sundays-only domestic comedy strip) and Stumble Inn (a daily and Sunday strip which takes place in a small hotel). To be published soon—reserve your copy now and be among the first to get this long-awaited book!

Comic Arf

Comic Arf is the fourth book in Craig Yoe's Arf Series about "the unholy marrige of art + comics." This one is a special Milt Gross issue teaming the iconoclastic cartoonist with R. Crumb, Patrick McDonnell, Art Spiegelman and many more. And this volume also features unpublished rare art by George Herriman reproduced from the author's collection.

Arf Forum

Among the many other exciting profusely illustrated features on comics history you'll see an incredible Sunday strip of rare Krazy self-referential art lovingly reproduced from the original art.

The Krazy Kat Kartoon Kollection

Over 3 hours of the 1960's King Features Syndicate's Krazy Kat cartoon series on DVD. Based on George Herriman's comic strip, Krazy Kat, these cartoons have been digitally re-mastered with enhanced audio and visual quality. Krazy Kat, Ignatz Mouse, Offissa Pup, and the other kooky characters of Coconino County are presented here in full color.

Krazy Kat "Syroco" Statue

This 4 1/2 inch tall "syroco" style figure was produced by Dark Horse comics (thanks Mike Richardson and David Scroggy!), was the first in their Classic Comics Characters series and sculpted with much love by YOE! Studio, the folks that bring you

Krazy Kat Bendy Toy

This six-inch tall bendable figure was produced by Dark Horse comics (thanks Mike Richardson and David Scroggy!) and sculpted with much love by YOE! Studio, the folks that bring you

Krazy Kat 11"x17" Poster

This 11" x 17" poster is from the 1936 Columbia Pictures animated short "Krazy Spooks."

Krazy Kat Print

This is a museum quality, reproduction print on premium paper with archival/UV resistant inks.